The Bugatti Chiron is the first near-production car to drive 300 MPH.

Bugatti made some slight modifications, although they did not say what, to the production car. We are thinking aero, tuning, and something special from the Bugatti workshop.

Andy Wallace was the driver that performed the 300MPH+ run. Andy is Bugatti’s test driver and Le Mans winner, so he seemed like the perfect guy to do the job. He did one lap to warm up, and then the second lap was the 300 MPH+ winner. Actually a 304.773 mph on a 5.5 mile straightaway in Germany. Andy previously set a speed record back in 1998 with the McLaren F1 on the same track, so he’s basically a track veteran.



“This world record once again shows that Bugatti still builds the fastest cars in the world. But our hyper sports cars are capable of more. They offer absolute exclusivity, luxury, unmatched beauty, and a high level of automotive craftsmanship. The Bugatti is the only hyper sports car that combines all of these characteristics in one vehicle. We will concentrate even more on this in the future in the context of further exciting projects,”

says Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti Automobiles.

Bugatti is no stranger to records either. In 2017, the Bugatti Chiron went 1-400 km/h in 41.96 seconds (world record), which was the first record for the Chiron. Although the Chiron has the crown for now, Bugatti has announced that they are taking a step back from records and speed numbers.

What makes the Chiron Super Sport so fast?

The Bugatti Chiron is packing an 8.0L (7,993cc) W16 engine with FOUR TURBOS. Yes, quad-turbocharged. Turbos combined with industry-leading engineering, an intuitive AWD system, 7-speed double-clutch automatic transmission, and some beast tires. At 300 MPH, the tires will be spinning approximately 4,100 times per minute.

Michelin partnered up with Bugatti to provide the reinforced rubber for the world record run to keep the 1578 horsepower to the ground. Bugatti also gutted the car by removing everything unnecessary to function.

Bugatti also announced that they were making a limited number of exact cars to be available for sale. 30 perfect creations will be made, and they will be offered to the most premier Bugatti customers for somewhere near 3.87M. The cars will be titles the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+.

Shmee got a chance to see the car with all of its 300 MPH glory. As a tradition, they never wash these cars and keep all the excellent road dirt on the vehicle. This preservation is excellent for future generations looking back at the record. They can see this pristine examples of Bugatti’s history. For of a detailed look of the exact car shown by Andy Wallace check out Shmee’s video here:

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